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“Sophisticated” and “Easy to grow”, the Hort Couture line of plants offer an exciting variety of kinds and colors!


    Hort Couture seeks after the best plant genetics with the goal that growers, retailers and shoppers each will have a successful experience with their brand.  Below is a listing of many of the Hort Couture plants we grow in their season for our sales areas in east Texas, including short, basic descriptions.



Angelonia “Statuesque” - A vigorous, larger angelonia.  Lots of snapdragon-like flowers through the summer.  Features: Heat and drought tolerant.  Deer resistant.  Fragrant.  Use: As a taller bedding plant in the landscape, or in containers for a sunny spot on the patio. Light: Sun to part sun.  Height: 18”.  Space 12”.  Spread: 18”.  Note: Low fertilizer requirements.


Bacopa “Boutique” & “Savoir Faire” - Vigorous and cascading plant produces numerous large blooms.  Features:  Mounding and flowing habit.  Use: Excellent selection for hanging baskets and other containers for that spilling effect.  Combination planters.  Light: Sun to part sun.  Height: 8”.  Space: 6”.  Spread: 8”.  Note: These colors combined are attractive together!


Calibrachoa “Catwalk” - Large flowering calibrachoa comes in many inviting colors.  Features: Eye-catching color flows on this spreading and mounding plant.  Long lasting color.  Use: Landscape filler, hanging baskets and patio containers, especially gorgeous in combinations.  Light: Sun to part sun.  Height: 8”.  Space: 9”.  Spread: 12”.  Note: Hummingbird attractor!


Coleus “Under the Sea” - Delightfully fanciful coleus shapes!  Especially bred for their uniqueness.  Features: Frilly foliage in various colors.  Leaves actually resemble certain crustaceans!  Use: Containers and landscapes.  Adds flair to combination plantings!  Light: Sun to shade. Height up to 24”. Space 16”.  Spreads up to 24”.  Note:  Low fertilizer requirements.


Euphorbia “Bling” - A frenzy flurry of flowers!  Great filler plant.  Features:  Long blooming and compact.  Mounding.  Use: Developed for use in combination planters, but just as attractive on its own.  Light: Sun to part shade.  Height: 12”.  Space: 10”.  Spread: 12”.  Note: Adds texture and lightness to combos.


Ipomoea “South of the Border” - Easy to grow sweet potato vine comes in several appealing shades.  Features: Vigorous, yet compact growing habit.  Use: Plant in combination containers or fill out landscapes.  Light: Sun to part sun.  Height: 8”.  Space: 15”.  Spread: 36”. Note: Versatile and fast growing.


Lamium “Orchid Frost” - Orchid colored blossoms stand out against its variegated, frosty mint-like leaves.  Features: Semi-trailing and showy.  Deer tolerant.  Use: Shady landscape, hanging baskets and containers on the covered patio.  Light: Shade to part sun.  Height: 10”. Space: 12”. Spread: 24”.  Note: Low fertilizer needs.


Lantana “South Beach” - Amazing dwarf lantana!  Several bright colors to choose from.  Features: Heat tolerant and drought resistant. Use: Stand alone or mixed containers.  Landscaping.  Light: Sun.  Height: 18”. Space 12”. Spread: 18”.  Note: Low water requirement, needs well-drained soil.


Lobelia “Nautica” - More heat tolerant, this series will provide a gorgeous display in the shady garden or covered patio!  Features: Semi-trailing habit and a flurry of flowers.  Use: Landscape, baskets or containers.  Light: Part sun.  Height : 12”.  Space: 6”.  Spread: 6”. Note: Performs well in summer.


Lobularia “Snow Globe” - A blizzard of white blossoms blanket this well-branched and showy plant!  Features: Semi-trailing, mounding habit.  Very fragrant.  Use: Borders in landscapes, hanging baskets and combination containers.  Light: Sun to part sun.  Height: 8”. Space: 8”.  Spread: 12”  Note: Moderate fertilizer needs.  Vigorous spring grower.


Oxalis “Plum Crazy” & “Sunset Velvet” - The variegated plum or the copper color leaves are richly accented by five-petaled yellow flowers.  Features: Versatile sun to shade tolerant mounding plant.  Heat tolerant.  Use: Excellent in small containers or in combination plantings.  Light: Sun to shade.  Height: 8”.  Space: 12”.  Spread: 12”.  Note: Consistent watering for best growth.  Low fertilizer needs.


Petunia “Glamouflage” - Brightly variegated foliage makes the grape-purple flowers stand out sharply!  Features: Mounding, trailing habit.  Controlled growth.  Use: Outstanding alone or in combination planters or baskets.  Light: Sun to part shade.  Height: 14”. Space: 10”.  Spread: 14”  Note: Consistent watering needs, but well-drained.


Petunia “Panache” & “Perfectunia” - The Panache have the look and fragrance of the grandifloras.  The Perfectunia is a more compact series of petunia with mounding habit.  Both have rich, attractive flowers.  Feature: Early flowering and prolific blooms.  Use: Containers and landscape.  The Panache are especially nice in baskets.  Mix two or three colors for exciting combinations!  Light: Sun to part sun.  Height: 8-9”.   Note: Consistent watering needs, but well-drained.


Salvia “Mannequin” - Early blooming and vigorous, upright growth.  Features: Large flowers in thrilling spikes of color.  Use: Massed in landscapes or containers for a sunny spot.  Light: Sun.  Height: 18”. Space: 10”.  Spread: 12”.  Note: Great color impact all summer.


Scaevola “Paper Doll” - Big, bright blue flowers cover this speedy spreader.  Features: Fan shaped flowers and heat tolerant.  Use: Landscape groundcover, baskets and containers.  Light: Sun to part sun.  Height: 12”. Space: 12”.  Spread: 12”  Note: Profuse bloomer.


Verbena “Espadrille” - Large, sumptuous flowers borne over dark green foliage.  Features: Mounding habit, yet spills over for dramatic effect.  Use: Hanging baskets, window boxes, other containers and colorful landscapes.  Mixes well in combination planters. Light: Sun to part sun.  Height: 8”. Space: 8”.  Spread: 12”.  Note: Colors are rich and intense.


Note: All names in quotes are trademarked by the Hort Couture company.