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We have been growing the Proven Winners line of plants for quite some time, and they have truly proven to be winners!


    Proven Winners selects their plants, after trials and testing, from around the world for their superior performance.  Plants chosen are easy to grow, and produce abundant color and amazing foliage.  Year after year, the Proven Winners (PW) brand expands with exciting new additions.


    Below is a listing of many of the Proven Winners plants we regularly grow in their season for our sales areas in east Texas. This includes short, basic descriptions and links to the page you can visit for more information and photos.



Ageratum “Artist” - Heavily branched, compact grower with excellent heat tolerance.  Use: Brilliant color for containers and flower beds. Features: Masses of colorful flowers. Light: Sun to part sun.  Height: 8-12”.  Space 10-12”.  Spread: 6-10”.  Note: Attracts humming birds & butterflies!


Angelonia “Angelface” - Semi-upright accent annual with good branching habit.  Large colorful blooms.  Thrives in heat and humidity.  Features: Fragrant, deer resistant, heat & drought tolerant.  Use: Landscape and containers.  Light: Sun.  Height 18-24”. Space 12-14”. Spread 12-18”.  Note: Angelonia is also known as the “Summer Snapdragon” for its bloom spikes resembling those of snapdragons.


Argyranthemum “Butterfly”, “Molimba” - Argyranthemum frutescens are commonly known as Marguerite Daisies or Cobbity Daisies. The PW argyranthemums are more heat tolerant than older varieties, and bloom continuously in the cool seasons.  Give them a trim when summer temperatures pause their blooming period.  Features: Bright flowering annual, no deadheading.  Use: Gardens and containers.  Light: Part sun to sun.  Avg. Height 18-36” Avg. Space 12-14”  Avg. Spread 12-20” (varies with selection).  Note:  Excellent butterfly attractor.


Bacopa “Snowstorm” - Vigorous and durable trailing plant.  Lots of five petal blossoms for an outstanding color show.  Features: Flowers all season long.  Self cleaning, no deadheading.  Use: Containers and landscape, especially a favorite for combo hanging baskets!  Light: Sun to part sun. Height 4-8”. Space 8-10”.  Spreads up to 36”.  Note: New double blue bacopa now available!


Bidens “Goldilocks Rocks” - Long flowering, semi-double bloomer through summer.  Heat and drought tolerant.  Compact trailing habit is great for hanging baskets, window boxes and other containers.  Features: Prolific semi-double yellow blooms.  Use: Porch and patio containers, landscapes.  Light: Sun.  Height: 12-14”.  Space: 10-14”.  Spread: 14-18”.  Note: Received various “Top Performer” awards.


Bracteantha “Sundaze”  - A terrific series of strawflower; compact and very heat and sun tolerant.  Covered in flowers all season long!

Features: Blooms spring to fall.  Deadheading unnecessary.  Use: Plant in combinations or alone in landscapes or containers.  Light: Sun.  Height: 10-14”.  Space: 10-12”.  Spread: 10-16”.  Note: Perfect for dried flower arrangements.


Calibrachoa “Superbells” - Very colorful and long blooming, Superbells last spring through summer and well into the fall.  They are heat tolerant and resistant to disease.  Superbells, like all calibrachoas, prefer not to have wet feet, thus they are easiest to grow in containers as specimen plants or in combinations.  They are a favorite in hanging baskets!  If used in the landscape, the soil must be very well drained.  Features: A trailing, mounding plant which spills color all around. Use: Containers for porch and patio.  Light: Sun.  Height: 6-10”. Space 8-10”. Spread: 12-24”.  Note: Irresistible to hummingbirds!


Cleome “Señorita” - Vigorous upright growers with lush green foliage bloom from spring to fall with an abundance.  These cleome are thornless, heat and drought tolerant.  Excellent choice for a tall, flowering background or circle center.  Features: Upright plant blooms until frost. No need to deadhead. Use: Landscape or large containers. Light: Sun.  Height : 24-48”.  Space: 12-18”.  Spread: 18-24”. Note: Also known as “Spider Flower”.


Coleus “Colorblaze” - Coleus come in a mind-boggling variety of shapes and colors.  The Colorblaze varieties are chosen for their exceptional color and performance!  Features: Late flowering and for all season long keep their form.  They tolerate various light conditions. Use: Landscapes and containers.  Thrilling addition to combination planters.  Light: Mostly are sun to shade, but Sedona prefers part shade to shade.  Height & Space: Varies with color.  Note: Winner of 102 awards!


Diascia “Flirtation”, “Flying Colors” - A prolific bloomer for the cool of spring and fall with semi-trailing, mounding habit.  Features: Low maintenance and self-cleaning.  Use: Stand alone or in combination in planters, window boxes, hanging baskets or landscape.  Light: Part sun to sun.  Height: 8-12”.  Space: 8-10”.  Spread: Up to 24”.  Note: Capable of withstanding several frosty nights with little, if any, damage.


Euphorbia “Diamond Frost”, “Diamond Delight” - The first thing you notice when this plant is established is the cloud of white blooms swirling about the surface!  Flowers all season, is heat and drought resistant.  And deer resistant.  It has a mounding habit, and can really light up the landscape.  Features: Self-cleaning, no deadheading needed, and moderately salt tolerant.  Use: Mass plantings, or as a specimen plant for containers, and also an exciting addition for combination planters.  Light: Part sun to sun.  Height: 12-18”. Space: 10-12”. Spread: 12-18”.  Note: Can be adapted to being a houseplant.


Evolvulus “Blue My Mind” - Larger flowers and better performance than the familiar “Blue Daze”.  Blue flowers spread on a carpet of silver-green foliage.  Features: Very heat tolerant, it is drought and humidity resistant.  Use: Containers and as groundcover in the landscape.  Light: Sun.  Height: 6-12”. Space: 10-12”.  Note: Mounding and trailing up to 24” with true blue flowers, it’s happy as can be in hot summertime.


Guara “Stratosphere” - Continuous showy blooms from spring to fall, heat and drought tolerant.  Upright habit with whirling flowers. Features: Can tolerate some shade, and is attractive to butterflies.  Use: Containers and landscape.  Light: Sun.  Height: 12-24”. Space: 8-12”.  Note: Award winning native to North America.


Impatiens “Rockapulco” - Fully double blooms on shade loving plants sure to brighten the shady landscape.  Or use for lighting up a covered patio.  A heat tolerant variety that endures summer time.  Features: Continuous blooming until frost.  Use: Containers and landscape. Light: Part shade to shade.  Height 10-20”. Space 10-12”.  Note: Blooms look very much like miniature rose buds!


Lantana “Luscious” - These vibrant, vigorous growers give a colorful impact in mass plantings.  With their excellent heat and drought tolerance, they also make an easy to care for container plant on a sunny deck.  Generally, deadheading is unnecessary, but should the berries they produce become too numerous lantana will benefit from a shaping-up pruning.  Features: Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies something fierce!  And are deer resistant.  Use: Landscape and containers for sunny spots.  Light: Sun  Height: 18-30” Space: 20-30”  Note: Winner of 95 awards across the country!


Lobelia “Laguna”, “Lucia” - Weather resistant and heat tolerant, their compact mounding shape becomes covered in showy blooms. Avoid planting where their “feet” would stay wet, good drainage is a must.  Features: Self-cleaning and no deadheading needed, but can prune to shape.  Use: Excellent choice for the somewhat shady areas of landscapes.  Patio containers and hanging baskets.  Mixes well in combination planters.  Light: Bright light.  Height: Avg 6-10”.  Space Avg 6-10”.  Note: Hummingbirds love the mass of vibrant flowers!


Lobularia “Princess” & “Knight” - Masses of showy blooms adorn these vigorous growers.  Prefers the cool seasons and is very cold tolerant until hard frost.  Features: Flowers are sterile, so these are continuous bloomers.  Use: Stand alone pot plant or basket or an addition to combination planters.  Very showy border plant in landscapes.  Light: Sun to part sun.  Height & Space: Varies with color. Note: Winner of 105 awards, including several “Top Performer” awards!


Nemesia “Sunsatia” - Exciting colors bloom profusely on this versatile plant.  Prefers the cool seasons and is very cold tolerant.  Does not like wet feet, so good drainage a must.  Needs good air circulation.  Features: Trailing habit, cool temperatures help control growth. Use: Window boxes, hanging baskets, containers and borders.  Light: Sun to part sun.  Height & Space: Varies with color. Note: Makes an excellent hanging basket plant for winter!


Nemesia “Innocence” - Compact and easy to grow, with lots of blooms!  Well branching habit.  Prefers the cool seasons.  Features: Sweetly scented and self cleaning.  Use: Window boxes, baskets and planters, as well as landscaping.  Light: Sun to Part Sun.  Height: Varies with color, but average 12”.  Space: Varies with color, but average 8”.  Note: “Bluebird” is a similar variety and a “Collection Top Seller”.


New Guinea Impatien “Infinity” - Dark, attractive foliage serves to make the large, brilliant flowers to be even more outstanding! Features: Well branching, continuous bloomer.  Pinching is unnecessary.  Use: Containers, hanging baskets and shady gardens.  Light Shade to Part Shade.  Height: 10-14”. Space: 6-8”, some colors a little more compact.  Note: New Guinea impatiens are great “collectable” plants!


Osteospermum “Soprano” & “Symphony” - Daisy flowers reach out and grab your attention!  Heat tolerant plant blooms from spring through fall.  Needs well drained soil.  Features: Stunning color show!  Use: Containers especially, combination plantings are very attractive. Light: Sun to Part Sun.  Height: Avg 8-12”.  Space: Avg 12-14”. Note: “Sunny” is another fantastic series in their “Proven Selections” line!


Oxalis “Charmed” - Wine or velvet shamrock-shaped foliage with white to pale pink flowers.  Features: Will not crowd out other plants in combination planters.  An alternative selection for coleus.  Use: Especially attractive in mixed containers, also for the shady garden. Light: Shade to part shade.  Height: 12-16”.  Space: 12-14”.  Note: Fun plant for St. Patrick’s Day!


Petunia “Supertunia” - “The Best Petunia. Period” proclaims the 2015 Proven Winners catalog!  Singles, doubles and mini vibrant blooms are abundant on vigorous plants.  Features: Self-cleaning and versatile.  Tolerates heat and humidity.  Use: Containers, hanging baskets, and mass plantings in landscapes for that mass effect.  Perfect plant to build combination planters around!  Light: Sun to Part Sun.  Height: Some variance with color, typically 6-10”.  Space: 8-12”.  Spread: 24-36”.  Note: There’s a vast color selection available! Singles and doubles, solids and veins, bi-colors and two-tones galore!


Phlox “Intensia” - Prolific flowering, mounding phlox. Drought, heat and humidity tolerant.  Needs well-drained soil.  Features: Deadheading not necessary, self-cleaning.  Blooms spring through fall.  Use: Planters, hanging baskets and landscape.  Excellent choice for combo planters.  Light: Sun.  Height: 10-12”.  Space: 10-12”.  Spread: 10-12”.  Note: Attracts butterflies.  Native to North America.


Sanvitalia “Sunbini” - Lots of small, yellow daisy-like flowers and very drought tolerant.  Mounding habit.  Blooms until frost.  Features: Fills out fast.  Dead-heading not necessary.  Low maintenance.  Use: Filler in containers, hanging baskets and sunny landscape.  Light: Sun. Height: 6-10”.  Space: 12-14”.  Spread: 12-18”.  Note: Award winner and native to North America.


Salvia “Playin’ the Blues” - Long spikes of blue-purple blooms, and very heat and humidity tolerant.  Sterile plant is a continuous bloomer until frost!  Features: Fragrant foliage and deer resistant.  Large structure.  Use: Large containers, specimen plant and landscapes.  Light: Sun.  Height: 24-48”.  Space: 14-18”.  Spread: 18-30”.  Note: Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies!  


Scaevola “Whirlwind” & “Wonder” - Fan-like flowers bloom abundantly on this tough, mounding and spreading plant.  Features: Well branching habit.  Very heat and drought tolerant.  Self cleaning and low maintenance, deadheading not necessary.  Use: A hanging basket favorite!  Use as a “spiller” in combination planters, in bowls or boxes.  Fantastic groundcover show in mass landscape plantings. Light: Sun. Height: 8-12”.  Space: 10-14”  Spread:18-24”.  Note: Native to the Bush Country of Western Austrailia.


Sweet Potato Vine “Illusion” & “Sweet Caroline” - Grown for their attractive foliage, this ornamental vine rarely flowers.  Of these two series, Illusion is more compact and dense.  Features: Several striking colors to choose from.  Heat and humidity tolerant.  Use: Vigorous, spreading landscape filler and to add lush foliage to a sunny planter, especially combo planters.  Light: Sun to Part Sun.  Height: Average 8”. Space: 10-12”.  Spread: Average 36”.  Note: Sweet potato vines come in a splendid variety of shapes and colors!


Torenia “Catalina” & “Summer Wave” - Vibrant multitudes of trumpet-shaped flowers cover these prolific bloomers, even in shade. Features: Heat tolerant, deadheading not necessary.  “Catalina” is somewhat more compact and upright than the “Summer Wave”.  Use: Containers, hanging baskets or the shady landscape.  Light: Light shade to shade.  Height: Varies, but average 10”.  Space: 8-10”. Spread: Varies, but average 24”.  Note: “Summer Wave” has 98 awards, including “Top Performer”!


Verbena “Superbena” - A vigorous, as well as floriferous, verbena!  Features: Large flowers in vivid colors.  Upright, yet cascading habit. Drought tolerant.  Use: Landscapes, containers and hanging baskets.  Light: Sun to Part Sun.  Height: 6-12”.  Space: 12-14”. Spread: 24-48”. Note: Winner of 85 awards, including “Exceptional Performer”.



Note: All names in quotes are trademarked by the Proven Winners company.