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We want to hear about your product!

    If you have something to offer we’re willing to hear about it, but please present your offers according to this guideline:  either email us using the link below or send a letter of introduction along with the details about your product to:

         Conroe Greenhouses, Inc.
         c/o Justin Brann (if grower related, else c/o Mark Brann)
         P. O. Box 919
         New Waverly, TX 77358

    It would be helpful to include your volume pricing!

    Please!  No cold-calls.  However, you are welcome to drop off your information at our office.  For directions, return to the contacts page and choose the Directions button or call (936) 436-1800.   

    You can use the email button below to send us a message, and please do attach any product brochures, but do not send very large product information files.  Please also indicate your company’s website if there is one.  Include in your message:

         Your Name
         Company Name
         Contact Phone Number
         The Location of Your Company

    Established suppliers and vendors should already have the information for direct contact, but you can send a message through this address as well.  

    Please note: This address will change periodically, so do not use it for regular contact.

     FYI: There has been a considerable escalation in the number of phone calls from unestablished sources attempting to solicit to either of the owners.  As the owners are very busy hands-on individuals, it is impossible to communicate with them directly if your company is not established with us.  You must either leave a message, send an email or send a letter.  Those callers who do not allow caller-id to show will likely be let go to voicemail!  So, repeating, we WANT to hear about your product, please just follow the guidelines.  If we are intrigued enough you will hear from us.

Suppliers & Vendors

Email: and Vendor Inquiry&body=Please include Name, Company, Phone and Location:.


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